Must have for the divorced man

There are several must have’s for the divorced man. The problem is that many divorced gents do not appreciate that there is a list of must have for the home. Some of divorced men are even cheeky enough to ask London escorts what they need for their new homes. Perhaps it is about time that the hottest girls in London set up a domestic shopping service for divorced gents. It could probably earn them an extra income and it would also give them something to talk about on apps such You never know what business is going to get big next.

Many divorced men do not know how to equip a home. Sara from a London escorts services says that it isn’t unusual to see all of the laundry just thrown on the floor. The gents in question has simply forgotten that in his former home he had a laundry basket. A laundry basket along with a washing machine, are two of the most vital domestic necessities a divorced gent should consider investing in. I have often pointed this out to divorced gents who always seem to be picking up the laundry of the floor as I get there on my out call, says Sara.

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A hoover is important as well. Dust can be a killer and sweeping is not enough. After all, you cannot sweep your mattress not your sofa. There are a lot of different hoovers on the market today. Some of them are really small and you can just plug them in and go. Dyson do some really neat models that you might just want to try, says Sara from London escorts. Another good investment is a steam cleaner, they can clean a lot of surfaces but are very usual in the kitchen and the bathroom.

It is also important to make sure that you have a good quality oven and microwave. Energy ratings are important here so don’t forget to check those in the shop. The better the energy rating the more you can save on your electricity bill and this is after all what you need to do. You pay a bit extra for quality appliances, says Sara from London escorts, but it is worth it at the end of the day. Electricity prices and other energy costs are set to go up, so it is best to be prepared at the end of the day.

A good quality steam iron is important as well, says Sara. There is nothing worse according to London escorts to have a wrinkled and crinkled man turning up on an incall. We are escorts and I am afraid that we don’t have the time to do iron that white shirt for you, says Sara.
It is kind of funny, says Sara, I have never thought of myself as a domestic goddess but I have recently started to wonder if I am one. The amount of gents who ask advice is incredible and perhaps I should start a domestic service for divorcees.

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