Kensington escorts have a bit of a reputation

Kensington escorts do have a bit of a reputation. They are known to be very classy and utterly sexy at the same time. Kensington escorts have gained their reputation by dating many famous and well known. Mind you, some of the better known Kensington escorts agencies only let their ladies date the best, and this has added to their reputation as well.

For those of you who are not familiar with the Kensington area of London, let me just tell you that this is one of the more exclusive residential areas of the town. You have to be worth quite a bit of money just to live here. Some of the shops around the streets of Kensington are some of the most exclusive in London. In a nutshell – it is both expensive to live and shop in Kensington, and that should tell you a little bit about Kensington escorts. Many of the Kensington escorts are as high class as the local resident, and like looking after their high class dates.

Many girls who work in this area seem to be able to charge any price they like for their services, and the vast majority of them do very well servicing and looking after the area. Once, you have become a Kensington escort, it is very hard to work somewhere else.

What are Kensington escorts like?

Kensington girls can best be described as open minded and sophisticated, but there is a totally different way of looking at them as well. Some of the girls can only be said to be very open minded, and many of their dates would call them a bit risque. It goes without saying that the girls who date in this part of London are very beautiful as well, and you need to be on the ball with your Kensington date.

They have a lot of experience and know what the art of teasing and pleasing is all about. Kensington girls will always serve the best Champagne to their dates and look after them in many special and interesting ways.

Now, don’t expect all the girls to be English because they are not. The girls who work here are as international as their dates. You will meet girls from allover the world including some of the most stunning Russian girls that you have ever seen. One thing is for sure, you will certainly not be disappointed.

Who dates Kensington girls?

A lot of international visitors and international business men like to date in Kensington. They appreciate what the girls have to offer and don’t mind spending a bit extra on their sexy companion. In many parts of London, you will find that a late of the dates maybe just stay for an hour. This all changes when you come to Kensington, a lot of the dates like to linger a bit longer and enjoy the company of their sexy companion.

They might appreciate extra shower or perhaps even a longer massage to soothe away their troubles and help to slow down their minds a bit more.

Dating Kensington escorts is a very unique experience, should you give it a try ….

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