Help – I have become addicted to sex parties in London

Have you ever been to a sex party in London? I am not sure how I got involved with her, but I met this really hot girl in a bar in London. She was a bit too sexy really for my liking, but we sort of ended up going out together. When she told me she worked for Covent Garden escorts, I was not surprised at all. She had been taken me to some clubs in London’s Soho district that I would not normally think about going to, but I enjoyed all of the same. Before I knew it, she had kind of got me hooked on a completely different lifestyle.

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Just like any other guy, I found it hard to resist my girlfriend and the rest of her friends from Covent Garden escorts. Not only were the girls really sexy and good looking, but they kind of made you feel good about yourself. When I spent time with them, I felt ten times more like a man than I had eve felt before, and I have to admit that I really enjoyed their company. Nothing was too much trouble for them, and I did really get a kick out of their liberated lifestyle, and started to enjoy it.

I am sure that most of my friends would have appreciated the attentions of Covent Garden escorts, but I was beginning to worry about. Most of the girls were dragging my life in a totally new direction, and I felt that I was spending less and less time at home. Sure it was fun to go out, and most of the clubs we went to, let a whole crowd of us party for free. That was fine, but hanging out with Covent Garden escorts made me addicted to their lifestyle, and I felt they were beginning to run the show.

It was not uncommon for a girl from Covent Garden escorts to phone me up around midnight after she had finished her shift, and ask me out for a drink. The problem was that it never finished with just one drink. We often ended up staying out to the early hours of the morning, and I felt that my entire life was beginning to be slowly turned upside down. One night, one of the girls phoned me up, and asked if I go to a friend’s party with her.

We ended up at this sex party somewhere in St Catherine’s dock, and had a really wild time. Hand on my heart, I will have to admit that I really enjoyed it, and since then, I have been going to sex parties with the same girl from Covent Garden escorts. Her friend runs them so she gets to go and party for free. I am now totally addicted to sex parties, and to be honest, I don’t think that I would be able to manage without them. It is really the only way I get turned on these days, but I am not sure it is any good for me at all.

Melvin Rita