Should I ask if he loves me?

I do have rather a few regulars at Pimlico escorts, and some of them have become special to me. If I don’t hear from them for a couple of weeks, I often wonder what is going on and I even worry about them. However, no one is more special to me than Philip. He owns his own business here in Pimlico, and travels around the world a lot. When I don’t here from him, I know that he is out of the country most of the time.

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Philip treats me somewhat differently than my other dates at Pimlico escorts. When we go out together, he grabs my arm and holds me tight so I don’t have to worry about falling at all. I have never been treated like that before by a man, and it feels like he really cares for me, But than again, it could just be my mind making up some sort of fantasy about this man, and him being in love with me.

I love getting presents from my date at Pimlico escorts. Most of the time the presents which I receive are kind of run of the mill presents. Either perfume or body lotion, I would not exactly call them personal. Philip loves buying me presents as well, but his presents tend to be a lot more personal, and it seems that he always remembers what I like and turns it into an unusual present which I really love. He is a very generous guy.

The thing is that I feel that Philip and I have this thing going on. I don’t know what this thing really is but I have the feeling that it is something special. Philip is not an easy man to read at all, and it is only too easy to misread him sometimes. But he keeps looking deeply in my eyes and I feel that we have this connection. What I should call that connection I really don’t know, but out of all my dates at Pimlico escorts, he is the only one who makes me feel this way. It is that butterfly feeling you get when you are in love with somebody.

I keep wondering if Philip loves me. He has not said as much but I am pretty sure that something special is going on here. When he fixes me with his dark eyes and looks into mine, it feels like he is trying to tell me something. It is easy to go through life and not say what you mean, and it feels a bit like we are dancing around at the moment. I would actually love to ask him if he loves me, but I worry at the same time. What if he turns around to say no? Next time I see him, I think that I will just go for broke and ask him if he loves me. I hope that the answer will come back yet, but I am ready for what ever may come.

Melvin Rita