What is marital bliss?

Sometimes I really wonder if you can ever really define the concept of marital bliss. A few of the girls at the outcall London escorts service which I work for, have left to get married. A couple of met a guy when dating for London escorts, and they fell in love. Another couple of girls at the escort agency met guys away from London escorts and seemed to have got married for security more than anything else. I am not sure which is the best to be honest.

Getting married for love is what we all dream about, but I am not sure that it always work out. Many of the gents I date at London escorts seem to have got married for love, but things have not worked out for them at all. I am not sure how I should describe their relationships, but it seems to be that most of them are just staying in their marriages out of a sense of duty. There is very little love left in their relations and perhaps this is why so many of them seem to enjoy dating London escorts.

I would not say that all of the gents I date at London escorts married for love. An equal amount married for security and it seems to be that many of them just wanted to be in stable relationships. Part of that has worked out for them, and I think that most of them have very successful relationships with their partners. During the years, their relationships have moved on and now many of them live in what I can only describe as open relationships with their partners.

Looking at what I have learned during my time with London escorts, I think that a lot of people stay with their partners out of a sense of obligation. It is nice to be in love, but when it comes to long term relationships, we look for so many other things as well. Most of us would like to have the perfect relationship with someone, but from what I can tell from my experience with relationships at London escorts, that may only be a pipe dream.

What is my own future as far as relationships are concerned? One thing that I have decided is that I am going to finish my London escorts career before I embark on a personal relationship. Working for London escorts is a pretty unique experience, and I am not sure that there are many gents out there would be able to handle being married to a girl from a London escorts. I am not saying hat there is anything negative about working for London escorts, but at the same time, it is not the ideal profession to be in when you want to have a successful long term relationship with somebody. Most girls who want to have a good relationship, do leave London escorts before they settle down, and perhaps even distance themselves a little bit from their former escort career.

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