What I did before I joined Kingston escorts

Some of the gentlemen I date at Kingston escorts, always ask me what I used to do before I started to escort for the agency in Kingston. The other night I had a date with a guy who I normally do a lot of business dating for at the escort agency in Kingston, and we kept talking about what I used to do before I worked for the escort agency in Kingston. The next day when I bumped into one of the other girl from Kingston escorts, I told her it was a bit like having a job interview.

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My first job was working for Tesco. It was not the most exciting job in the world, but they found that I was good at sales, and I soon ended up running their florist department for them. It was an in house department, and I was even given some formal florist training. It was great and I loved the job, but the money was not so good as I was young. That was only one of the jobs I did before I joined Kingston escorts.

When I was working in Tesco. I was approached by a guy who has asked me about my qualifications and offered me a job in a really posh store in London. They also had an inhouse florist and wanted to have girl working for them who as really good with flowers. The money was better and I was offered commission as well. That made a huge difference to my income from selling flowers, and I stayed there for a year. It was during this time one of my best friend got a job at Kingston escorts, and told me that she was doing okay.

I was not sure that I wanted to work for Kingston escorts, but I agreed to give it a chance on a part time basis. It was okay, so I started to work for the escort agency during the week, and still did my job in the store during the morning. But it was too much hard work and I gave up being a florist to work for the escort agency full time. After a little while, I started to miss my flowers, and was able to come back to work on a Saturday morning.

Very few of my dates at Kingston escorts know that I work as a flower girl during Saturday. But the good thing about it, is that it is something that I can fall back on when I leave the escort agency one day. I am sure that I am not going to be escorting forever. Anyway, my date was a little bit surprised by the has since been to buy flowers from me. I pulled the usual thing that I always say, and asked if the flowers were for his wife or his mistress. He smiled and said he could tell that I was good at my job. The flowers turned out to be for his mum, and I made a lovely arrangement for him with a big smile on my face.

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