Sexy Lingerie and Escorting

Do I need to have a wardrobe full of sexy lingerie to work for an escort agency? No, you don’t to have a wardrobe full of sexy lingerie to work for an escort agency in London. I have been working for Harrow escorts of for some time, and I don’t have a wardrobe just dedicated to sexy lingerie. If you are planning to make a career of escorting, I have a couple of top tips for you.

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Lingerie is indeed important when you work for an escort agency, but it is not so much about quantity as quality. When I buy lingerie for Harrow escorts, I make sure that I buy really good quality lingerie. Focus on lingerie which is easy to wash, and you may be able to wash at higher temperature. Also buy good quality washing powder and fabric conditioner so that you “treat” your products to a good quality wash.

It is not only lingerie which is important when you work for an escort agency. You do need to have another nice clothes in your wardrobe apart from lingerie. You never know when you are to be going out on a dinner date, or something like that. I try to make sure that I have a good range of clothing ready to go at all times, and I am sure that most of the other girls at Harrow escorts, also try to keep a balanced wardrobe.

When I first got involved with escorting, I did not have a lot of lingerie, so I started to buy new pieces every week. You don’t want your lingerie eating up your income from Harrow escorts, and that is what I have always been very careful of when it comes to buying lingerie. I am sure that most girls feel the same way. Once you get involved with escorting, you will soon find the right balance. It is not easy at first, and just like in any other profession, you will have to go through a steep learning curve. Once you are up and running with an escort, you will find that you will know a lot more about what gentlemen expect from you. It is important to be comfortable as well as you are going to be working very long hours for the escort agency.

However, I would advise to have a nice balance of lingerie. For instance, some girls go for all tarty lingerie. I never do that, and I make sure that my lingerie collection is well balanced. Tarty lingerie tends to be cheaper and I know that many girls at Harrow escorts go for cheap tarty lingerie. You should never do that. Try to focus on keeping a good mix. In my opinion, most gentlemen like us to look classy, and I am sure that the girls who have been in escorting for some time really appreciate that. A classy look will in the long run keep you busier, and at that is what I focus. Try to do the same thing, and your career as an escort in London will be a good one.

Melvin Rita