Why Men Love Married Women

The myth is that men are known to be more adventurous than women in as far as a sexual relationship is concerned. This is part of the excuse used as to why they will date or flirt with a married woman knowingly according to Wood Green Escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/wood-green-escorts. Most call this type of quest an adventure while others refer to it as tasting the waters. There are many reasons why a man would go for a married woman. Let’s look at what drives them to do so.




When someone is married, it means that there should be a boundary in how they associate with other people for the sake of keeping the marriage intact. In today’s society men are flirting with married women openly and this goes to the extent of having countless serious sex behind the husband’s back. A man conquering a married woman is a great achievement, especially to fellow men according to Wood Green Escorts. Remember, a married woman is a no go zone and in most cases, women are married to protective men. So being able to get her in bed and make her scream your name over and over again is just enough to make you feel like you’re stealing the prize from another man’s booty chest.




Sex is like any other activity in life. The more you do it the more you become good at it. Older married women are more experienced than younger ladies. Men want the fuck of a lifetime, a fuck they can boast to friends according to Wood Green Escorts. Great sex in most cases can be achieved when you do it with an experienced woman, and that’s what married women are.


There is nothing as good as having sex with someone who knows what should go where and what should be done to elevate the feeling and take it to the next level. This doesn’t mean that unmarried women aren’t good in bed, however what men get from married women is one of the best experiences.




There is pleasure when you have sex with a woman. But it has been discovered that having sex with a married woman is more pleasurable. What makes most women sleep around is an under-performing husband. So sleeping with a woman who has not been getting the best sex from her husband is every man’s dream. In such scenarios, men usually make sure they are at their best and give the best thrust left, right and center.


Convenience without Attachments


A married woman will get up, get dressed and leave when sex is done. She’s not going to expect pretty words or marriage proposals from you. She’s there for the same reason you are; mind-blowing sex.


Since men will always be men, they will always protect their ego. Giving a married woman the best sex ever will always uplift their ego. This is why men will never stop hunting down married and desperate women.

Melvin Rita