Find my own Sugar Daddy

I have never thought that I would find my own Sugar Daddy. Many of the girls at West Midland escorts had their own Sugar Daddies, but I did not think it was for me at all. I was rather put off by the idea of having someone interfering in my life, so I tried to stay away from the entire idea of having a Sugar Daddy. Setting out to intentionally pick up a Sugar Daddy was not something that I had ever thought about doing, but most of the girls at West Midland escorts of seemed to think it was the norm.

One day, when I was in IKEA shopping for some new coffee tables for my living room, I found myself in a bit of a sticky wicked as we say in England. For some reason, my debit card would not work, and the lady on the till kindly pointed out to me that the magnetic strip had been damaged on the card. I was anxious to get my living room up to scratch, and knew that I would not make it bag within the next week as I had a busy week ahead of me at West Midland escorts.

I was in the middle of a melt down with my bank, when I felt a hand on my shoulder, and there he was, the man who was going to become my Sugar Daddy. He just gave me a smile, and told me it seemed to be an honest problem, and that he would happily pay for my two coffee tables. I felt really silly but gave him one of my sweetest West Midland escorts smiles. It was not before the coffee tables and me were loaded in my old VW camper van and ready to go.

The gent had given me his card and I promised to get his money to him. He told me not to worry too much, and said that he was hungry. Would I fancy a meal in the IKEA restaurant? I smiled and said it would be lovely, and a couple of hours, I had somehow managed to spill the beans on my entire life and even told him that I worked for West Midland escorts. He just listened to me, and it was not long before I realized I had my own Sugar Daddy.

Malcolm is a Sugar Daddy with a difference and can be a little bit strict with me. Sometimes he reminds me of Mr Reddington in the Blacklist TV series. He has got the fancy chauffeur driven car, and seems to in general be able to take control over people. He does that with me as well, and has turned my life around. Not only has he sat me up in business, but he deals with all of the small silly things which seem to happen to me. He truly is a Sugar Daddy, but I actually think that he is so much more than that, and I do love my very special Sugar Daddy and all of his crazy ideas.


Melvin Rita