Date with a couple of London escorts

London is full of parks and is all together a very green city. A lot of visitors are astonished when they first arrive in London, only to discover that it is much greener than they expected it to be. Many of London escorts say that the park lands of London are like the lungs of the city, and all of the London escorts that I spoke to said that they love coming to enjoy them.

Another advantage of London is that there are many little unique squares. They are often surrounded by tall Victorian or Georgian houses, and add to the landscape of London’s interesting landscape. A lot of the sexy London escorts say that London is such a nice place to walk around in as all of a sudden, you will come across a place where you can sit down for a few moments. Most of London escorts say that this is what makes London so special.

London is a great city to date in during the summer. You will see a lot of young couples walking around parks such as Hyde Park, and it is obvious that they are out on romantic dates. But there is a lot more to London parks than romantic walks.

The majority of London parks have special events going on during the summer season. You will be able to enjoy concerts, plays and many other things as well. Quite often Hyde Park is the center of activity but you should not miss out on Green Park and Kensington gardens.

Kensington gardens is perhaps a bit more formal but it is a lovely place to walk around in, and enjoy a summer’s afternoon. To me it has always been special, and enjoy the beautiful planting theme in this park. It is not very difficult to find, and is located close to Kensington Palace where Princess Diana used to live after her divorce from Prince Charles.

I love the tranquil feeling of Kensington gardens, and if I was a keen gardener, I would volunteer to do some gardening in Kensington gardens. A lot of lovers say that this is perhaps the best park to date in. It has a much more intimate atmosphere and is indeed very romantic.

One the outskirts of London, you will come across Richmond park. This is a huge are of greenery and used to be a royal hunting ground. Still, today you can see the deer running in the gardens. It is perhaps what I would call a Sunday afternoon garden, and is a great place to visit for a family picnic on a summer’s day.

If you are a traveler who enjoy greenery as well as visiting historic sites, London is most certainly for you. There are lots of places to visit, and after you have had a hectic day on the tourist trail, you can relax in one of the many parks or informal gardens around London.

However, London is not a place to visit on your own. It is an exciting city, and solo visitors could always book a date with a couple of London escorts or two.

Melvin Rita