How To Stay Safe in London

London is certainly a very exciting city to live in. At times, living in London can get a little bit too exciting for your own. There is more to staying safe in London than locking your own front door. Of course, making sure that you lock your front door is important. It is the first thing that I do when I come home from my London escorts shift. But, there are many other things that can help you to stay safe in London. I guess charlotte London escorts may be more aware of that other girls in London.

What precautions do London escorts take when it comes to staying safe in London? You will probably find that all London escorts have got their own idea when it comes to staying safe when out and about in London. Personally, I know how important it is to be aware of your own personal environment. A couple of months back, I ended up being stalked by a guy I used to date. Ever since then, I have been really aware who is close to me or if someone appears to follow me.

You can easily help yourself to stay safe in London. A good example would be your bag. Most London escorts like to carry designer handbags such as Hermes to show off. The gentlemen who like to date London escorts love to treat us to nice bags, but there is a major downside to designer handbags. In recent years, street crime has increased in London. Thieves are not expert in picking up on designer handbags. The sad truth is that you are much more likely to get robbed if you carry a designer handbag.
[Text Wrapping Break]What about phones? Phone crime is another big issue in London. I have not had my phone stolen, but I know a couple of London escorts who have had their latest edition iPhones stolen. Do you really need a super expensive phone? Most smart phones are really good and I am not sure that you need a brand name phone. I have given up on my iPhone a long time ago, and I now use a much cheaper model. So far, no one has shown any interest in my phone and that is good.

Do London escorts use the Underground? Most escorts in London probably use the Underground or Tube at least once during the day. Apart from walking or cycling, taking the Tube is the cheapest way to get around London. But there is one thing that I will never do. If it is late at night, I will never use the Tube on my own. I simply do not feel safe. When I finish late, I make sure that I have enough money on me to go home by a Black cab. That makes me feel a lot safer and I would encourage all women to do so. Yes, you can stay safe in London, but doing so can be a challenge for both men and women. It is important to be aware of that.

Melvin Rita