I fell in love with a Stanger that I date

Love grows over time and relationship is the most exciting feeling. I haven’t imagined that the love of my life will come after the mistake of my life according to Kensington Escorts from https://charlotteaction.org/kensington-escorts. She came to me unexpectedly and changed my world. I am not a typical guy; I am an introvert, quiet, sad and boring. I never thought that I meet someone that is total opposite with me. I met her on the street; she is selling food, and her face was attractive. Everything about her was perfect. When I bought one of her food, she smiled and said that I look sad and no life. She didn’t accept the payment but insisted that my smile would be enough. The place where she stays to sell is the place where I find peace and love to go. I have always seen her there and making people happy. I also notice that she gave one piece of her food to a beggar and I admired her so much. She notices that I was looking at her and wave her hand. While sitting, she commands a boy to deliver the food towards me with a note to keep smiling. I looked into her and greeted her anyway.  Since that, I always love to see her. I have bought something for her, I know her slippers was damaged and give one pair to her. I also commanded a boy to give it to her with a note. She smiled and gave me a piece of food. I know she was just a stranger I never do but Thanked God, she was a blessing in disguise. I can’t go a day without seeing her and taste her tidbits. The next day, I was supposed to surprise her with flowers, but she was not selling today. I have asked the boy who always stays at the location; he said that the girl was sick. He directed me to her house and found her ill. I took care of her since she has no companion according to Kensington Escorts.. I bought her medicine and cooked her food. She is so sick that she cannot stand and feed herself. I stay there overnight, and when I woke up, she is not in bed. I look for her and found out she was busy preparing breakfast. I was looking at her and happy for her efforts with me. I had imagined the life we have if we can be together. Months passed by, she became my girlfriend. My world became so bright and bubbly. I have now the reason to be happy. She took care of me and I to her. I don’t know why I’m feeling this way, but I fell in love with a stranger.

Melvin Rita