Pursuing my London escort ex-girlfriend

When I was walking home alone hungry and craving some delicious food, I happen to stumble upon my ex-girlfriend from high school. At first, I hesitated to approach her. She was a girl that broke up with me because I cheated on her a couple of times. She was always loving to me and forgiving always, but she finally had enough when I tried dating her best friend. She was so angry at what I did she wanted to punch me in the face in front of my classmates. I started to walk near her when she called my name and smiled. I was relieved because I feared that she is still mad at me. We exchanged numbers and wanted to catch up sometimes. She was always the same girl as high school, kind and sweet she did not change a bit. When I got home, I ate some of my favourite meal.


A beautiful and delicious beef steak like my mom’s used to cook always. I can’t believe what had happened to my day, after a stressful and exhausting day at work. There was still one beautiful thing that occurred, stumbling to my ex-girlfriend. I was always a hard worker; even when I was young my mom would tell me that my habit of studying is unusual, I was her only child that would study night until mastered my lessons or finished my project. Unlike my brothers that didn’t study at all. They always played outside and always liked to have fun. I always try to please my boss at work even if it cost me a life full of stress and pressure. I wanted to become a successful man someday like my grandfather. He was my hero; he started as a janitor in a school. He had no education, no money, and no parents to help him because they died in a car accident when he was only nine years old.


Despite that, he still found a way to start a small business that grew into a great company now. Which my dad currently owns. I could work for my dad, but I wanted to be like my grandfather start from scratch and be a successful man someday. My ex-girlfriend and I wanted to go hang out, but I was always busy I did have time. A few months later I messaged her and asked her out for a nice dinner. She agreed with meeting me at a nice restaurant in the city at nine. ¬†She was very stunning when she arrived at the restaurant. We talked for hours and had a great time. When I asked her what her job is now, she answered that she is a London escort from https://londonxcity.com/escorts/. I was impressed because she was a shy girl when we are in high school. I asked her if she was interested in being in a serious relationship. When she said yes, that’s when I decided to pursue my London escort ex-girlfriend. I wanted to start a new serious relationship with her and this time will not cheat on her anymore.

Melvin Rita