How To Give A Great Blowjob

Giving a great blowjob is a skill every woman should become acquainted with. New lovers and long time loves alike will enjoy their woman worshiping their body in this way.

Before starting, put a condom on your lover. Always use a condom unless you are in a monogamous relationship. Practice putting a condom on a dildo by only using your mouth and teeth then surprise your lover with your new skill.

I can’t stress enough that teeth are not necessary for a great blow job. Most men do not enjoy having teeth grazing along their head or shaft. Concentrate on pleasuring your man with your mouth and hands and skip experimenting with your teeth.

A sense of eagerness goes a long ways. Even if you are unsure of your skill, your enthusiasm will arouse your partner and once you start, the feeling of power you enjoy will stimulate you immensely. Feeling your lover become so aroused at your touch is extremely satisfying.

Explore his whole shaft and balls with your lips and tongue. Pay attention to every inch. Always keep your hands moving while giving him his blowjob. While sucking and licking his shaft use your hands to play with his testicles. Move your mouth down and gently suck his testicles while your hands stroke his shaft. Make sure to take the head of his penis into your mouth and use your lips, tongue, and the inside of your mouth, to stimulate and stroke his penis. Don’t be afraid to move your head in a motion different than an up and down pumping motion. Move your head in circles or in a figure 8 to give him different sensations. Humming will increase his pleasure as will a vibrator laid across his balls while you suck on his shaft.

After some time, he may be nearing climax. As he approaches orgasm, do not stop your rhythm. Stopping at this time may be disastrous to his climax and all your work will be for naught. Most men enjoy a fast cadence at this point but pay attention to your lover and the sounds and movements he makes for clues as to what he enjoys.

After your lover climaxes, most men prefer that their partner swallow. However If this is distasteful to you then spit discreetly into a towel or tissue. One other technique is as your partner is climaxing into your mouth use your tongue to force it right back out while stroking his shaft; he won’t even realize that you haven’t swallowed! Enjoy this time with your man, and enjoy the influence you had over his body!
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